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The Source

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The Source
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GOODLIFE is bottled at a natural Blue Mountain spring source located in the country’s lush garden parish of Portland, and is home to a diverse tropical rainforest ecosystem of 800 endemic plant species and 200 exotic bird species.

GOODLIFE Blue Mountain Spring Water provides naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes that are essential for healthy human body function.


Types of Water

Municipal Tap Water – Much of the population drink water straight from the tap. It seems like a safe option at first glance. It's been through the treatment plant and is supposedly safe, but is the treatment process worse than if it had been untreated? It is treated with chlorine to kill all of the bad bacteria and parasites. We ingest the chlorine and it ends up killing off the good bacteria that is needed to create good colon health. Not only this, but municipal tap water has fluoride added which has been studied largely as a possible link to cancer. Not only this, but many traces of pharmaceutical drugs have also been found in tap water. Looking at this information closely, tap water seems to be a less than optimal choice for drinking water.

Purified Water – Is simply water from the tap or a well that has been filtered and distilled.  As far as contaminants go this seems to be a good option. The chlorine and fluoride are filtered out as well as the traces of pharmaceuticals. The downfall is that purified water is void of essential minerals that we get from our water and minerals such as Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Sulphate & Potassium Chloride are synthetically added for taste. It is also a “dead” form of water as opposed to water that comes from the ground that is actually "living". In the natural health world, the secret to health and longevity is always living foods like vegetables and fruits straight from the garden and sprouted nuts and seeds that have been brought our of their dormant state to a living state.

Artesian Water – Comes from an aquifer below the ground where water flows between layers of rock. The water pressure is very high. It is possible to drill down through deep layers of rock and access the water table. When this is done, the artesian water will rise to the surface and flow continuously. The water is filtered through layers of rock before it rises to the surface. One downfall of artesian water is that it is brought prematurely to the land surface. Some say that the water is not yet fully ready to be consumed as it still has hard minerals in it that are not suitable for human consumption.

Spring Water – The health benefits of spring water have been widely known for centuries. People travel miles to obtain pure, fresh spring water. Natural spring water rises to the land surface naturally. Some health experts feel that this means it is ready to be consumed as opposed to the artesian water that is brought to the surface prematurely. Spring water contains antioxidants and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Spring water is alive as is artesian water. When it comes straight from the ground it has nourishing qualities that are not present in purified water. When making the decision of whether to drink spring or pure water which has been taken from a tap and simply purified, remember that the purified water has been stripped of many of the essential nutrients and qualities that can only be obtained from pure ground water.


Intrinsic Benefits of Consuming Spring Water for Humans

Your body is made up of 60% water, and every 7 weeks, that water is entirely renewed, mostly by what you drink. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right water. GOODLIFE Blue Mountain Spring Water is naturally pure and has a uniquely special mineral, conductivity and alkalinity profile. Via organic filtration by mother nature in Jamaica’s renown Blue Mountain range, GOODLIFE Blue Mountain Spring Water’s purity acquires a well balanced mineral profile sourced from a limestone aquifer.  It is well documented that Spring Waters that are high in essential dissolved solids (ppm) which have positive effects on the human body. Its low sodium content and balanced mineral composition make it particularly well suited for mothers and babies

Pregnant Mothers & Fetuses

Spring Water plays an essential role in the life of pregnant women, young mothers and babies. It is therefore essential, for a mother and her baby, to choose the water that’s best adapted to all of their needs. Throughout pregnancy, water plays a vital role. by contributing to the formation and renewal of the amniotic fluid, the environment in which your baby develops and lives for the first nine months of life. At 25 weeks, the fetus itself is nearly 90% water. The quality of the water you drink is therefore crucial both for your own health and your baby’s.


Spring Water continues to play a key role in your baby’s development even after birth. For the first several months, babies’ sole source of nutrition is either breast milk or formula. And in both cases, the primary ingredient is water. In fact, 87% of breast milk is water, the water you drink. This water must be of natural purity, consistency and uniquely balanced. As your baby grows, you’ll want to take special care to protect him/her. Here again, choosing the right water to accompany your baby’s development is ever so important. GOODLIFE Blue Mountain Spring Water is free from all pollutants and contains a very low level of nitrates (< 0.92ppm). Month after month, during this formative period of life when water is truly fundamental, make sure you give your baby the best protection and guarantee to support healthy development.

Young Children

When it comes to playing, kids never stop: football, playing games; all those activities mean increased water needs for them. A 10 year old child weighing 30 Kg needs at least 1 Litre of water per day, plus what he or she gets from food. A healthier source of hydration than sweetened beverages, So make sure your children drink plenty of water all day long at school and at home. A very good habit they will keep forever.


Taking care of yourself, especially as you get older, means staying well hydrated all day long and help to feel healthy. But don’t wait until you’re thirsty. After the age of 50, it takes more time to actually feel thirsty. Seniors need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Active Lifestyle

Today’s hectic lifestyles mean we must take extra care of our health, and because the human body is 60% water; an active person needs at least 8 glasses of water (1.5 Litres) per day. This water needs to be constantly renewed, even when there is no feeling of thirst. Talk about Electrolytes