Investing meaningfully in the Speed stat would require for that a character to eschew all other stats and the effect could be achieved with a simple cast of Haste. The only way to permanently boost a character's stats is by leveling them up. Characters have a 1 in 8 chance in gaining a point each stat. When a character gains a level, StrBonus and MagBonus increase by 3, SprBonus increases by 1 and MStBonus increases by 5. Hence, if for example, one save file has Zidane equip nothing from 1 to 99, and another has just the Bone Wrist equipped, the Zidane with the Bone Wrist equipped will have 3 more Strength by level 99 (1 StrBonus x 98 level ups / 32 = 3.0625.). Everybody's Crystarium tree is unique and every character has six roles, each with its own section in the Crystarium. Go to the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance portion of GameFAQS, and look at the guide titled 'Statistic growth charts'. Each character gets stat boosts by leveling up. Enhancers are also rewards for some tasks and the superboss Nox Suzaku yields them. For example, Leviathan learns the Spr Bonus ability, which when equipped grants a permanent +1 to Spirit upon the wearer's level up. The robot class produce the second highest HP and the cap for all characters is 1195 HP. To get Speed one can refine Spd Ups by fighting Cactuars on Cactuar Island, and collecting 100 Cactus Thorns to refine them with GFAbl Med-RF to 1 Hundred Needles and refine that using Forbid Med-RF, into 1 Spd Up. For example, Thieves have higher speed stat growth, while Mimes have the highest MA growth. The Growth rate for the Speed stat is a simple percentage. Or click here to search for specific content. Some stats will also boost a different stat, but to a lesser degree. A character gains a bonus to HP equal to Vitality/4. For example, a level 20 Knight who previously leveled as a Thief, would have the exact same Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intellect, Mind and MP / spell slots as a level 20 Knight who previously leveled as a Warrior or White Mage. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a strategy role-playing game for the Game Boy Advance. Arithmeticians have the lowest stat growth. Paladins are the tanking job for Humans. Different attacks get different amounts of points. » Final Fantasy Tactics A2: ... quote Also, there is no real "best stat growth" because every person desires differents stats. A character gains a bonus to White Magic Accuracy equal to 1/2 of his Mind. And just like humans, equipment also adds directly on top of those caps, so the real cap for robots is penalized base stats + robotic parts bonuses + equipment bonuses. There is no equipment that gives MStBonus. 1 Black Mage ability mastered. Many special abilities are behind locked spheres, but since all the characters share the same Sphere Grid, any lock only needs to be unlocked once to make the path available for all characters. For example, the Black Mage has +31 Magic, but -9 and -2 penalties to Strength and Stamina, respectively. Borrowing heavily from Square's … An easy way to attain permanently high stats is to stay on a low level until acquiring the GF Cactuar, as it has every stat boost ability. I'm a bot, bleep, bloop.Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: [r/strategyrpg] Final Fantasy Tactics: Lv.99 Stat Growth and Job Spreadsheet If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (high attack, high resistence, high defense, etc.) i havent played that yet but i heard that the stat growth is ass, if you have a 3ds id recommend echos(ngl im not sure how this one compares to the others) but i just finished it id say it would be great but of how it plays i got fucked more than once ... FFTA is the opposite where is harder to play but hopefully less … During the Escaping the Imperial Capital mission, the player can find an HP Enhancer from the end of the train they board. There are two types of nodes: small and large. This growth also has a Variance, which is equal to: [(Growth + 9) / 10]. When a character lands at a given node they can use spheres acquired through the game to activate a node and receive the node's attributes, such as HP or MP boost, Strength, or Luck. Unfortunately, the cap for all stats (Attack/Defense/Agility/Magic) is 99, but equipment makes all stats exceed 99. Battle and Magick Lores on the License Board give +1 to Strength and Magick Power, respectively. So a base Attack of 63 results in a level one character with … Gelnika is notable as a location where every monster can be morphed into a Source. The main attributes of each character are hit points (HP), mist points (MP), attack (Atk), defense (Def), magick (Mgk), resistance (Res) and speed (Spd). In The Zodiac Age versions the player can choose two boards for each character. A character gains a bonus to Black Magic Multiplier equal to 1/16 of his Intelligence. generally, speed is best. It's possible to keep their levels low until Amarant joins the party so that the additional characters won't receive more stat penalties. If that character levels while it is equipped, that character will gain 1 StrBonus when he levels up. These are the stats featured in each of the classes' pages. Materials are further divided into Biological which are used by Feral Creatures and Mechanical, which are used to develop mechanical monsters. Other stats are generally calculated based on level, job, job level, various base stats (like Strength or Agility), or a combination of the above. © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2021. Cure gets 2 points with every use. Stat Growths – Final Fantasy Tactics Samurai (Lower is better) HP: 12 MP: 14 SPD: 100 PA: 45 MA: 50. Stat Growth in Tactics Is stat growth in this game linked to what job type a character was at the time of a level up? This is also detailed in Aerostar's guide. The player is free to put together … Casting a certain spell will eventually increase the level of that spell, making it more powerful and less likely to miss. All though it shares a similar name to the game Final Fantasy Tactics, it is not a sequel or a remake, but it does share its setting, Ivalice. Ideally, you want to gain levels as classes with high stat growths, and then, maybe you want to switch over to a class with high stat … Character's stats increase through leveling up or by buying increases (eg: Hp Up, Atk Up) from moogles. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Minggu, 13 September 2009. The player can instead permanently boost the accessories' attributes through equipment upgrades. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers.Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. He also has a 1 in 8 chance of gaining a point in Intelligence, Stamina, etc. This was the very first strategy rpg game I played and is the reason why I got the first one and into the original Final Fantasy Tactics. A character's base stats are tied to their race and job, and a character can freely change job, making finding the optimal race and job combination impractical. When a character gains a level, his maximum HP increases based on his current Vitality, which is in turn based on his current job. Stat boost items are rare. A stat with only one icon indicates minimal increase for that Mirage, or none whatsoever. Monsters can't even wear equipment for equipment stat bonuses. The human and mutant classes produce the highest HP by far because of how the other classes have fix base stats. For instance, Yuna is a White Mage, so her progression mostly boosts her Magic stat and teaches her curative spells. Later in the game, the player can go on other characters' paths and increase in the stat that they mostly specialize in. That's the chance that the Speed of the unit will increase by 1 each level. A character like Cloud is designed to be an all-around good character with high stat growth in all his stats, whereas Aeris gains big boost in her Magic when leveling up, but has little Strength, and Barret has high Vitality but less Dexterity.